A Squared: My 10 Favorite Items from Month One of Motherhood

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My 10 Favorite Items from Month One of Motherhood

So I have been a mom for all of like 5 minutes now. Or really, it has been about a month. But for all you moms out there that have been moms for longer I know that I still know very little so I don't want to position myself as any kind of expert here. That said, in these few short (or long, depending on how you look at it) weeks I've already had enough experience with good and bad baby products that I have a few recommendations of my own to offer already. Today, I'm rounding up my 10 favorite products from these first weeks of parenting a newborn... check them out below!

1. Ralph Lauren footie pajamas - I received a few sets of Ralph pj's similar to these and they were some of the best gifts. The cotton is super soft and they run a bit small, so the 3-month size fit Hannah really well right off the bat. She even wore a pair home from the hospital! I especially love these for a newborn because the ends of the sleeves flip over to cover her little hands, eliminating worry that she'll claw herself with her sharp little nails and also eliminating the need to put those little mittens on her (which never seem to stay on).
2. Boppy Luxe Pillow - The Boppy pillow is a staple for nursing moms, but Alex likes to use it too as it offers great support when you're just sitting and holding the baby for long periods of time. Boppy pillows come with tons of different cover options, but I love this set because the cover is plushy and comfortable for both babies and parents.
3. Halo SleepSack Swaddle (Plush Dot) - Alex and I were really terrible at figuring out how to swaddle Hannah with a blanket. Also, she generally hates being all wrapped up like that anyway. Lucky for us, since she was in breech position her doctor prefers she not be tightly swaddled and that her legs have some room to kick around so these Halo SleepSacks are key. They keep her securely swaddled up top, but allow her legs the freedom they need to move around. I have a few versions of this product, but I'm obsessed with the plush dot version because the material is so warm and soft-- perfect for snuggling up at bedtime!
4. Eddie Bauer Nursery Caddy - I had originally gotten this caddy so that we'd have a nice place to stash baby supplies in the living room. Well, since Hannah is sleeping in our room right now this piece is even more valuable because it just follows us around the house so that no matter where she is (or what time it is) we have diapers, wipes, and everything else within reach.
5. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment - I suffer from eczema, so I'm already an Aquaphor lover myself. But, newborns often suffer from weird skin conditions in the weeks after birth and Hannah was no exception. Her poor little hands and feet were so dry and peely and the rest of her body followed, so using Aquaphor's baby formula was key in eliminating that dryness quickly.
6. Fisher-Price Rock 'N Play - I did not register for one of these, but received two as gifts from other newish moms. When that happens, you know that a product must be good. The Rock 'N Play is affordable and a great place for newborns to nap nearby or stay entertained with the vibration option when you need to put baby down to do important things like load the dishwasher or go to the bathroom.
7. Burt's Bees Honeybee Bundle - This is my new go-to baby gift. Burt's Bees cotton is the softest I have ever felt and it is so high quality that the clothes and accessories in this 12-piece set will really stand out against any of the other baby brands in your nursery. After receiving one of these starter sets, I started buying up any other Burt's Bees cotton items I could find: dresses, towels, washcloths, even a changing pad cover.
8. BabyJogger City Select Stroller - We love this stroller! Living in the city, Hannah's been out in the stroller several more times than she's been in the car and she loves riding in the City Select. Even on the worst sidewalks, the ride is smooth and she's lulled right to sleep. It also has tons of extra features available like an additional seat option, storage bags, weather shields, and right now Hannah's Graco carseat clips right into the top with help from a simple connector kit.
9. MAM Newborn Pacifiers - I didn't think I'd be a pacifier mom, but we have amassed a collection of them pretty quickly and frankly, they work. There have been a few instances when Hannah is super fussy-- especially in those evening "witching hours"-- and a pacifier can sometimes be the only way to calm her (besides nursing her 24/7). We have tried a few and these MAM pacifiers are her favorites. They are extra small and lightweight-- sized especially for newborn mouths.
10. Gilligan & O'Malley Seamless Nursing Bra - And of course, there's something for moms on this list too. It's not glamorous, but it is a necessity if you're a nursing mom. I bought several different nursing bras and this one is my favorite by far. It's the most comfortable and has the most give, so it's been the perfect bra to wear around the house and when we've been out and about over these first few weeks. And it's a steal... so I now own it in two colors.

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