A Squared: My One-Year-Old's 10 Favorite Birthday Gifts

Thursday, June 1, 2017

My One-Year-Old's 10 Favorite Birthday Gifts

I'm not really sure when my tiny baby became an independent toddler, but it happened... and all you mommies were right: I blinked my eyes and it happened before I even knew it! While I don't miss the sleepless nights, nursing round the clock, or the gas pains, I do miss cuddling that tiny little toothless munchkin-- especially right now. I had a weird lower back spasm yesterday when I picked her up (she was climbing into the dishwasher while Alex was filling it) and I have been semi-handicapped since. I have seriously never felt this kind of pain before, but it is awful to have a fast crawling and almost walking toddler when you can barely move!

Back to my toddler, though... Hannah was totally spoiled for her first birthday! Friends and family far and wide gave her a ton of fun and adorable gifts. In the interest of helping you shop for any upcoming first birthday parties you may be attending, here are a few of Hannah's favorite things:

1. VTech Chomp and Count Dino - This toy has so much going on-- he can be pushed and pulled, has tons of buttons and dials, helps baby learn counting, shapes, and foods, and sings some of the catchiest melodies you'll find yourself singing all day... "Blueberries are sweet... and yummy to eat!"
2. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Bounce, Stride & Ride Elephant - Hannah isn't walking yet, but this elephant is getting her darn close. She pushes it up and down our hallway all day. And when her nanny share friend is here, they ride around on it together or take turns pushing each other. It is too cute!
3. chewbeads Jane necklace - Hannah has reignited her love of teething necklaces, but not for teething. Hannah is all about accessorizing these days and she wears the chewbeads herself! At any given time she is wearing at least one necklace... or four.
4. Fisher-Price BeatBowWow - This dog is hysterical! Press a button and she sings, dances, and lights up. Hannah loves pressing the buttons followed immediately by a dance party complete with spinning around on her butt and throwing her hands up in the air.
5. Old Navy Cross-Front Tutu Dress - I have never been a mom that likes putting my baby in tutus. It's just not my thing. However, I did make a recent exception when I spotted this one and thought it would be adorable for Hannah to wear to her first birthday party. It was cute, comfy, and machine washable... a perfect cake smash ensemble!
6. Green Toys Watering Can Set - First, let me say I love Green Toys as a brand for their earth-friendly recycled products. But this set is especially cute: a watering can, shovel, and garden hoe. It's exactly what Hannah needs when we are "gardening" on the deck or when she's playing in her sand and water table.
7. pediped Katelyn Originals - These shoes are perfect for my little pre-walker. They're well-made leather shoes that are super flexible and great for Hannah as she gets to used to wearing shoes on a regular basis. She actually loves these shoes (she has them in pink, by the way) and tries her best to put them on her feet too, which is super cute.
8. Bright Baby books - Hannah is a little bookworm and we own tons of books (I'm planning a follow up post featuring just our favorite books) and I keep all of the hardcovers and the storybooks in her room. We have one bottom shelf in our living room devoted to her board books though-- and the Bright Baby books are her favorites. There are a variety of them all about colors, animals, first words, and she loves flipping through them all. The big picture and simple word/photo combos are perfect for early learning.
9. Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads - This is a super simple toy, but was probably Hannah's favorite thing that she opened at her birthday party. These beads are all intertwined on an elastic cord so they can be pulled and manipulated and keep a one-year old surprisingly entertained. We even took them on a recent plane trip with Hannah too and it was a great distraction!
10. Tomy Lil' Chirpers Sorting Eggs Game - This one was a big surprise! The Easter Bunny put these in Hannah's Easter basket (because she can't eat chocolate yet, so an egg-themed toy just made sense) and it has been her favorite toy for the past month. She loves everything about this toy: opening and closing the carton, pulling the eggs apart, squeaking the colored chicks, and attempting to plug them back into the matching negative shape.


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