A Squared: A Peek at the Nursery

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Peek at the Nursery

Over the past few months, I have shared several glimpses of Hannah's nursery while it was in progress-- both here on the blog and also over on Instagram. From the first piece of furniture we added to the room to Alex's meticulously painted wall stripes to the Minted artwork we selected for the walls, you've seen all of the pieces separately so far. Now that Hannah is here, I thought I'd do a big nursery reveal for you today... Here it is:

Hannah's room doesn't have any particular theme to its decor and that was totally by design. I wanted the room to be one that she could grow into over the next few years and also a room that could be easily transformed-- in case she becomes a stubborn 4-year old (which is more than likely) that hates the colors we chose or in the event that we need to make room for a future baby boy in there, we wanted to be sure that we wouldn't have any pink walls to repaint or any girly wallpaper to rip down when that happens. So, we kept the gray wall color that we added when we moved in and Alex indulged me by patiently painting fat white rugby stripes along one accent wall in the room. It's an interior bedroom-- which is great for keeping things dark and cozy during naptime-- but the white stripes really helped to brighten the room up and the create a cool focal point on the only wall in the room that doesn't have windows or doors on it.

pink and white polka dot sheets -- gray and white chevron crib skirt -- gray dog mobile

While we didn't pick a specific theme for the nursery decor, we knew we wanted it to reflect the decor in the rest of our home: for it to be modern but still cozy with gray as a neutral base color layered with lots of white (again, keeping the room feeling bright) and pastel pink for our baby girl. I love bold graphic patterns, so many of the pieces I chose for the room were rugby stripe, chevron, or polka dot patterned in those three main colors we were working with.

The Marguerite Glider was the first piece of furniture we purchased with the intent of using it in the nursery. We found it at The Land of Nod during a shopping trip with my parents in the fall of last year and my dad was the first one to try it out and suggest that we add it to the nursery. I loved the cool gray color and the nubby tweed-like fabric. I also really loved the modern shape of the chair as gliders can be a a little bulky and ugly, but this felt like one that could be placed in our living room or bedroom some day and still look cool-- especially with that great Chicago throw pillow and chevron blanket (similar)! And the nightstand, lamp, and chevron rug were all pieces that were in this room already in its first life as a guest room/office. The West Elm pouf used to live in our living room, but looked too perfect with the glider and the rest of the decor here to not do a little room swap.

And those chevron curtains above? That's all storage space that was just open before and I wanted to cover it up so you couldn't see all of our junk stored up there. So I had these chevron curtains made by an Etsy shop and they turned out to be perfect for this room!

BabyJogger City Select -- changing pad -- Ubbi diaper pail

Again, in the interest of being able to re-purpose items in this room after Hannah gets bigger we opted not to buy a changing table. Instead, we got a simple white IKEA dresser that she can use forever and connected a changing pad to the top of it. I also purchased these cute pink and while polka dot knobs from Etsy to add a little personality to this piece of furniture. And I'm obsessed with that Ubbi diaper pail next to it! It's so sleek and comes in a ton of different colors (we chose gray, of course) and unlike other diaper disposal systems it uses regular kitchen bags so we aren't spending a fortune on throwing away poop in special bags.

The DIY photo collage above is another holdover from this room's previous life: The framed pictures are all photos I took in Europe while studying abroad and the oversized frame was actually hanging around our master bathroom mirror when we moved in. Alex sprayed it white and we hung it here to frame the collection of smaller frames.

And parking the BabyJogger City Select stroller here? I could have moved it for the photos but this is real life-- and city life with a baby means storage space is at a real premium here now!

pink and white polka dot sheets -- gray and white chevron crib skirt -- gray dog mobile

We chose the Tatum Crib from Pottery Barn Kids (which is on super sale right now!) for a few different reasons-- Alex and I loved the simple clean lines of the crib, which suited our modern nursery design scheme. We also loved that this crib converts to a toddler bed, so we can extend its use throughout Hannah's life. The crib is also well made and composed of solid wood which was an important factor to my dad, who gifted the crib to us. There is no bumper on the crib (for safety reasons), but it is dressed with these adorable graphic print sheets in shades of gray, pink, and white.

I wanted a clock in this room so that I could keep track of time during night feedings and fell in love with this whimsical wooden bunny clock from Modern Moose -- completed with carrot pendulum. We also mounted a few floating shelves on the wall around the clock to create some additional space for displaying frames and other artwork. In addition to Hannah's framed sonogram photo, the "Let her sleep..." quote plaque that I found on Etsy, and the Willow Tree Serenity Angel figurine (a gift from one of Hannah's great grandmothers), I have also recently added this cool wooden "H" from Anthropologie to this display-- a last minute addition to the room so we wouldn't give away her name before she arrived!

gray striped storage baskets -- pink striped bin

Starting a library for Hannah was one of the first things I did after finding out I was pregnant. I have an ever growing list of children's classics that I want to add to her collection and we're off to a really good start. With limited space in the room, I selected this simple bookshelf and alternated open cubes with cubes filled with these great striped storage baskets from The Land of Nod-- perfect for storing teethers and other toys. Also, not pictured is a sweet Rabbit Wobble Rattle that now lives on top of the shelf.

crocodile xylophone -- Olivia -- Rockabye Baby! Lullabye Renditions of Taylor Swift

And that's Hannah's room!

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  1. So cute! I'm glad to see you guys adjusting well. :)

  2. this space is so sweet! i especially love the chicago pillow :) xoxo

    1. Thanks, Jillian-- it's one of my favorite pieces too!

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  8. we kept the gray wall color that we added when we moved in and Alex indulged me by patiently painting fat white rugby stripes along one accent wall in the room. It's an interior bedroom-- which is great for keeping things dark and cozy during naptime-- but the white stripes really helped to brighten the room up and the create a cool focal point on the only wall in the room that doesn't have windows or doors on it.
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