A Squared: Recent Foodie Finds 2

Friday, May 19, 2017

Recent Foodie Finds 2

Hey hey! I'm back today with a few of my new favorite discoveries from around the food world. Today's roundup is a bit eclectic, but tasty as ever! Here are a few things I am loving these days...


XO Marshmallow

Looking for a tasty way to dress up your hot chocolate or take your s'mores up a notch? Look no further than XO Marshmallow! Created by Chicagoans Kat and Lindzi (the blogger/boss behind the adorable The Trendy Sparrow clothing and accessories line) in 2015, XO Marshmallow specializes in homemade marshmallows made with real and delicious flavors. These ladies mean business and recently launched (and completed!) a Kickstarter campaign to earn $6,500+ to open their own marshmallow cafe. How fun is that!? The cafe is set to open this July in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood featuring not only marshmallows, but a variety of marshmallowy treats like whoopie pies and s'mores.

I recently sampled the fresh strawberry XO Marshmallow (available exclusively for their Kickstarter donors) and they were delicious! The texture of a homemade marshmallow simply blows away the bagged grocery store version. And the flavor of real strawberry was so amazing that I can only imagine that's what those gorgeous raspberry marshmallows (pictured at the top) taste like too. In addition, you'll find tons of other cool flavors in their online store and in the cafe like champagne, rose, lavender honey, and Kahlua coffee, to name a few.

Lakeview Whole Foods

If you're a Chicagoan, this news is probably so 2000 & late to you already, but I LOVE the new Lakeview Whole Foods. Sure, it takes me about 2 minutes to walk there and that helps, but this store is just amazing. This place is huge and just gorgeous... a vast improvement over its former location a block away.

This store is like a playground for foodies: It includes an outpost of Real Good Juice Co., a first floor cafe featuring coffee by Allegro Coffee Roasters and pastries from West Town Bakery, a bar, a wine bar, house-smoked bacon and dry aged beef, a mochi bar, as well as super expansive departments dedicated to all things delicious like cheese, olives, gelato, and fresh pasta. I could go on...

I seriously find an excuse to stop here at least once, if not three times, a week. #Guilty

Bizzy Coffee Cold Brew

It's always nice when your family knows exactly what to get you as a gift. And when my brother-in-law sent me a case of cold brew concentrate, he won some serious points with me. Now I love iced coffee, but I am obsessed with cold brew! This 100% organic Bizzy concentrated cold brew is like magic: Just mix 2 parts water or milk and 1 part concentrate over ice and you've got a deliciously smooth cold brew coffee... a.k.a. my summer beverage of choice. Or rather, my daytime summer beverage of choice. Because rosé.

You can buy Bizzy cold brew concentrate on Amazon, by the way!

Oatmeal Scotchies from Summer House Bakery

And last but not least... cookies.

As you may have gathered from previous posts here and here and on my Instagram, I am a big fan of the bakery counter at Summer House Santa Monica/Stella Barra Pizzeria here in Lincoln Park. First, I love the concept: There are so many times that we go out for a great meal and I am too full to eat dessert right away, but later that night I might want a little sweet treat. So, having a bakery counter in the shared entry of these two restaurants is pure genius. Recently, they've been serving a salted oatmeal scotchie which is a grown up version of one of my favorite childhood cookies. A little salty, sweet, and a great chewy oatmeal texture. We picked one up at Summer House Bakery recently and I also spotted (and snacked on) them at Beatrix in River North too!

Editor's Note: A sample of XO Marshallow was provided in order to facilitate this post. The opinions expressed here, as always, are my own.


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