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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Recent Happenings

Fall is in full swing and that's when fun foodie opportunities start to come back in full force. And while I was traveling and unable to attend Chicago Gourmet again this year (bummer!), I have had the opportunity to do a few other fun things. Here's a peek at what's been happening in this corner of the food blog world:

The adorable Jocelyn Delk Adams-- a fellow Chicago food blogger-- released a cookbook! If you're not familiar with her blog Grand Baby Cakes, I would highly recommend taking a peak. Jocelyn posts some really amazing recipes and is known for her baking. The cakes and desserts that this girl comes up with are really beautiful and her cookbook is equally stunning!

photo c/o Grand Baby Cakes
Jocelyn recently hosted an amazing book launch party at Room & Board in Chicago, complete with delicious samples of several of her recipes (prepared by Le Cordon Bleu students), a cake walk, and book signing. Check out her book-- it would make an excellent holiday gift!

On a beautiful late summer evening I headed over the West Loop for the grand opening party at Gateway West Loop, a brand new luxury apartment tower. #ProudWifeMoment: it was Alex's project! The party was fabulous and the building us absolutely stunning. It's so fun as a former architect and as the wife of a current one, to walk through a finished project. Months and months of work go into the design of projects like these that being able to walk through it and see it all come together is so amazing.

So, if you're looking for an amazing apartment in the West Loop, check this building out... the units are gorgeous. And just look at that rooftop pool! Enough said.

Sometimes being a food blogger allows me some great tasting experiences without even leaving the comfort of my own home! I'm especially grateful for these opportunities at this time of year when I'm traveling so frequently and missing out on some of the great foodie events happening around the city. So, when Land O'Lakes offered to drop off a basket of baked goodies from Little Goat Bakery in order to best experience their brand new (and completely delicious) European Style Super Premium Butter.

European style butter is made with fresh sweet cream and then churned for a higher milk fat content. That process gives the butter a creamier texture and richer flavor. I have cooked with the butter and I have baked with it and it was delicious, but I have to tell you that this butter is best enjoyed slathered on warm toasty bread. Or on this (already buttery) big croissant.

The Chicago Marathon took place this past Sunday! We took a morning stroll over to East Lakeview to cheer on the runners for a bit. As you can see, Clery was less than impressed. I think he'd rather be the one running than watching the running...

Also on Sunday, it was the 1-year anniversary of the day we brought Clery home! Alex and I both have a hard time believing that he's only lived with us for a year because it feels like he's been a part of our lives forever. Although I guess it wasn't really that long ago that this 15 lb. furball moved into our condo (and then proceeded to pee on and chew up several parts of it), wake us up for 2 AM potty breaks, and run circles around our couch until he would be overcome with exhaustion and pass out on the hardwood floor. He's grown into 65 lbs. of pure (mostly) well-behaved goofball and we just love him!

Oh yeah, and did I mention I've been traveling a bit lately? I've been spending a considerable amount of time at Chicago O'Hare, where it can be difficult for a foodie like me to find good food.


Thank goodness for chef Rick Bayless and Tortas Frontera or else I'd be eating fast food burgers... or starving. If they offered a stock option for this restaurant, I should consider buying in.


  1. The view from that building is gorgeous! I always love seeing the Sears tower from the West Loop. And I am crazy about the Chipotle Chicken torta at Tortas Frontera. Have you tried it? It's delicious!

  2. Thank you so much hon for including me in your round up of recent happenings! You are such a sweetheart. Can't wait to hang more!

    1. Anytime! And congrats again on the book-- it's fabulous!

  3. ohh i always go to Tortas Frontera when im at o'hare!! i really miss the tres leches cake at XOCO too... xo jillian - cornflake dreams

    1. FYI, they have an app now and you can order food while you're waiting in the security line... genius!


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