A Squared: Recent Chicago Restaurant Visits: Brunch at Boho

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Recent Chicago Restaurant Visits: Brunch at Boho

Bohemian House [a.k.a. Boho] has been on my Restaurants to Try List ever since it opened last year. So, when I had the opportunity recently to stop in and sample their just launched weekend brunch menu I jumped at the chance! Boho definitely lived up to the hype. The restaurant itself is gorgeous-- with a decor that is a cool mix of old world rustic and modern chic. And the menu is very much the same, serving up modern twists on classic eastern European dishes. They have just launched an eclectic brunch menu that highlights these eastern European flavors and I had the big task of taste testing them along with a few of my favorite food blogger friends. It's a tough job, but I'm happy to do it so that I can tell you all about it!

Let's start with beverages-- because no good brunch is complete without a cup of coffee and a cocktail! Boho offers a wide range of cocktail options including mimosas made with your choice of freshly squeezed juice (passionfruit, in our case!) topped off with my favorite: a little prosecco.

We also sampled the Pulaski Smash: a whiskey cocktail with lemon, passionfruit, green bell pepper, and mint. This cocktail was super refreshing and the green bell pepper added a little something different to what could have been a very sweet cocktail.

The Pick Me Up cocktail was a bit of a surprise. It looks like an iced coffee or a milkshake, but had a super boozey taste! A little Bow Truss coffee and a lot of rye was combined with a little maple syrup over ice and topped with an alcohol-laced whipped cream. This cold coffee cocktail was something new, for sure-- just sip slowly or it will catch up to you quickly!

Let's talk food now, shall we? Dining with a huge group of bloggers meant that we were able to sample tons of different options that day-- and there were definitely a few favorites among the table. One of my favorites was this grilled asparagus dish. Grilled asparagus was tossed with radish, little gem lettuce, and crispy chicken skin in a mustard vinaigrette. It was all topped with a poached egg, which was perfectly cooked and runny so that it turned this salad into something special and brunch appropriate. Even with the crispy chicken skin, this was a nice lighter but still filling menu option

A resounding favorite at the table was the plate of Bavarian Pancakes. These pancakes were thin and crepe-like, served with delicious cinnamon spiced apples, pecans, and some soft and creamy farmers cheese. I initially thought that this dish may be on the forgettable side, but after my first bite it became the #1 item I would recommend ordering when you visit Boho for brunch!

And I'm shocking myself by saying this, but another favorite dish of the day was the lox & toast. I'm generally not a lox lover, but this was so yummy. Thick slices of country bread were toasted and smeared with a generous amount of cream cheese, topped with cucumber, lox, capers, and dill. The secret to making this a dish that I would not just like-- but love-- is the addition of a perfectly soft boiled egg. I love a soft boiled egg and the texture and richness completed this dish. And it made two pieces of toast into a seriously hearty brunch!

Everyone at the table also seemed to really enjoy the knackwurst, which was served with horseradish cream and is available as a side on the menu. We also all raved about the Gouda bratwurst-- and I somehow never snapped a picture of it! The flavor was so rich and delicious and the preparation was classic: plated with beer braised onions, radish, and housemade mustard. I would have never ordered brats from a brunch menu before, but Boho has me rethinking that.

Other menu highlights included this enormous open faced pork schnitzel sandwich. This is a serious sandwich requiring a knife and fork. The pork was crunchy and moist and paired with some delicious sauerkraut, melty Swiss cheese, and a sunnyside up egg.

There was also a super hearty smoked beef tongue hash topped with a poached egg, some delicious mustard hollandaise, and some sweet and sour cabbage that added a nice pop of bright flavor to this savory dish.

And there is also an eastern European twist on steak and eggs served with mushroom and pepper spaetzle, sauteed onions, and smoked Gouda.

After sampling those delicious entrees, the Boho staff brought out a few sweet items for us to try. I was ecstatic to see those donuts and they absolutely lived up to my expectations: They were super soft and warm and tossed in a sweet sugar mixture. They were served with a duo of sweet Bavarian creme and raspberry jam dipping sauces.

The almond poppyseed cake was a fun item to see on the menu as this is one that I frequently saw (and ate) in coffee shops and bakeries while traveling in eastern Europe. Boho's cake was moist and sweet (but not super sweet) and was served with a dollop of whipped cream and a little streusel on top. This is perfect dessert for any of you out there that don't like dessert-- it's a subtle touch of sweetness.

And last, but not least: A warm chocolate-cinnamon scone. I like that rich and spicy flavor combination to begin with, but inside a scone that was warm and soft on the inside, but crunchy on the outside-- this was really tasty. A little kumquat marmalade on the side added a perfect sweet and spiced flavor accompaniment.

Boho is not your typical bacon and eggs brunch. The food is inventive, but has a great comforting quality about it still that will please anyone in your brunch party!

Editor's Note: My meal at Boho was complimentary, however all the opinions expressed herein are my own.

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  1. I’ve been here twice and I'm already looking forward to my third visit. The specials at San Francisco restaurants were more delicious than the items listed on the menu, so ask for their daily specials! It's not on the menu but rest assured, it will be delightful.


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