A Squared: The Tastemaker Top 10 with Lindsay of The Garden Apt

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Tastemaker Top 10 with Lindsay of The Garden Apt

The Tastemaker Top 10 is a collection of 10 questions asked by me and answered by some of my favorite bloggers. Here they will tell you a little bit about themselves, their blogs, and of course, their favorite foods and restaurants. Today we're talking to Lindsay, a fellow Chicagoan who writes the very cool sustainable lifestyle blog The Garden Apt. Take it away, Lindsay...

Name: Lindsay Humes

Blog: The Garden Apt

Location: Chicago, IL

In a few sentences, tell us a little bit about your blog.
I say that The Garden Apt is about sustainable, self-sufficient style, both in interiors and fashion. It translates into a lot of posts about vintage finds, handcrafted goods from small businesses, and diy projects.

Now, tell us about your...

1. Favorite meal, food, or cuisine: 
Anything Japanese.

2. Least favorite meal, food, or cuisine:
 Pancakes, I'm not wildly crazy about them. I prefer waffles or pastries.

3. Favorite restaurant in your city:

4. Favorite restaurant outside of your city:
 In Charlottesville Virginia, there's this bed and breakfast called the Inn at Court Square. They have the most delicious and fresh food, a combination of southern favorites and American bistro.
5. Favorite food memory. Eating my dad's homemade ravioli. He makes everything from scratch, and to this day, I haven't had ravioli as good as his.

6. Favorite guilty pleasure food: Boston cream donut, preferably from the ones from Stan's Donuts in Wicker Park.

7. Favorite ingredient (something you love to cook with, or something you see on a menu and know you have to order): Lemon juice: I love how it can transform a recipe.

8. Favorite kitchen tool, utensil, product, etc.: Vitamix - life changer.

9. Favorite thing about blogging: I really am in awe of the friendships I've made through blogging. I've got to know some very inspiring and motivated people that I've met. It's an incredibly supportive group.

10. Five favorite blogs/blogs that A Squared readers should know about:
Caravan of Style: Monica does a lot of very practical fashion posts; she's a practical fashion blogger, which is my favorite thing about her. I think readers can take her ideas and easily apply them to their own life without a hefty price tag.
312 Beauty: Laurie is a beauty wonder woman. I love reading her blog each day to find out something new about blogging. She writes with such passion and enthusiasm that she's converted me into a beauty addict.
Gold Coast Gal: Samantha has a great sense of style, and I think it's because she studied art in college. Her style is also very practical, but fun!
Street Smarts: Natalie's blog is an awesome round up of Chicago adventures and awesome recipes. She is always going to the most interesting places in Chicago.
Paper Plates Blog: I've read Amina's blog for a while, and it's another Chicago blog that's my go to for reading recommendations, but she also pairs literature with food, which is amazing.

Thanks so much for your thoughts, Lindsay!

Do you have a blogger that you'd recommend to be featured on the Tastemaker Top 10? Or are you a blogger that would like to participate? Email me at aasquaredblog@gmail.com and let me know!

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