A Squared: Virtually Redecorating: The Master Bedroom

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Virtually Redecorating: The Master Bedroom

We had a peek of spring weather this Sunday, which kicked my spring cleaning into high gear.  I tackled our bedroom this weekend and it got me thinking about all of the things I would love to purge, update, change, add, etc. if I had the unlimited time and resources to do so. Aside from a few minor tweaks here and there, I'm holding off on making any major design moves until we are in a more permanent place. But I still can't help looking! I love using Pinterest as my virtual file for any pieces that I find, love, and want to file away for when it is finally time to make some design changes. And I love Polyvore for creating inspiration boards for my future decor projects. 

In general, my taste runs somewhere between preppy and traditional (my east coast upbringing) and clean and modern (my architectural education).  For the master bedroom I am really gravitating toward a navy, gray, and white color palette.  It's bright and fresh, but calming at the same time.  The navy and white keeps it classic and preppy and the gray tones give it a cool modern edge. I absolutely love bold graphic prints like stripes, chevron, and Moroccan-inspired trefoil patterns. Add that to the contrast of shiny white lacquered furniture against comfy plush upholstery and I will never want to leave that room!

Our current bedroom is already decorated in this vein, but just needs a little more polish-- and eventually, space.  In the meantime, a girl can dream!

Classic Gray and Navy Bedroom

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