A Squared: Creative Cooking with Squash

Friday, November 9, 2012

Creative Cooking with Squash

Yesterday morning my mom sent me a text message saying "I sent you a goofy package that should arrive today.  I hope it doesn't get 'squashed!'"  A few weeks ago she called to find out if I had tried any new squash recipes lately so I had my suspicions about what the package I would be receiving would include.

So, last night these guys arrived at my home...

special delivery!

When my mom was telling me about all of these recipes she was trying, she named off a few more exotic sounding squashes that I had not seen at my local grocery store... so she sent me a few!  The one on the left is a sweet dumpling squash and the other is a red kuri.  I'm pretty excited to try something new with them, but my squash experience is pretty limited to the butternut and spaghetti varieties.  Mom suggested simply roasting with olive oil, salt, and pepper or baking with a chicken sausage stuffing (yum!).

My question to you readers is how would you prepare these? Do you have experience cooking with either of them? I have found a few delicious looking recipes on Pinterest (see below for a few), but would love some feedback from you too!

Red Kuri, Gnocchi with Brown Butter, Sage, Hazelnuts

Stuffed Sweet Dumpling Squash

Pasta with Roasted Beets, Red Kuri Squash, Bacon
Sweet Dumpling Squash with Risotto

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