A Squared: City Walk #18: N. Wells Street

Sunday, September 9, 2012

City Walk #18: N. Wells Street

City Walk #18: N. Wells Street

The next City Walk #18 is a short one and it begins basically where the former begins, so we figured that we'd continue to enjoy the gorgeous weather and knock out two in one day.  We were also starving and noticed that Nookies was the first stop on this Walk which made it sound even better.

Nookies (1) is a great little Chicago diner-style restaurant.  They have a few locations around the city and I have been to another for breakfast before, but this was our first visit to Nookies in Old Town.  I had a phenomenal Southwest Benedict (on black bean cakes with butternut squash chipotle hollandaise) and Alex joked that he was keeping Paleo (a.k.a. the Caveman Diet) by eating cream cheese crepes with a side of bacon.

The rest of the walk took us up and down Wells Street-- a familiar area for us.  There's a little spice shop here that I love and it's also the street that Alex goes to for haircuts and running gear.  Next up was Cobey's (2), an upscale deli and cafe which happens to be totally unmarked, by the way, if you are ever in the neighborhood and looking for it.

Following Cobey's was Breadsmith (3)-- which I was excited about-- however, it appears to no longer exist.  In it's place is Delightful Pastries, a really delicious sweet shop.  I have never been to this location, but they have a stall in the French Market that sells great french macarons and other desserts.

Next to Delightful Pastries is Handle With Care (4), a really fun women's clothing store.  We passed a few more shops and then got to the part of N. Wells that we are most familiar with and where you'll find The Second City (5).  This is the famous improv theatre that gave Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, and John Belushi their starts.

 We wound down this short and sweet (pun intended) tour at The Fudge Pot (6).  They make homemade fudge here and as you know, I love me some fudge.  See our trip to Mackinac Island for more information on that.  So, I continue to not allow myself to enter the Fudge Pot and will leave summer trips to northern Michigan to be my annual opportunity to indulge in fudge.

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