A Squared: Post-Christmas: Our Favorite Things at 8 Months

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Post-Christmas: Our Favorite Things at 8 Months

Over the last couple of weeks Hannah's development has accelerated at a crazy high speed-- I can't believe how much she has changed in such a short time! Around the 8-month mark Hannah started scooting around on her butt (an almost-crawl), eating 3 solid food meals/day, drinking formula (yes, we are just now regularly supplementing with formula), working toward 2 naps per day (this kid still loves a third nap), waving bye-bye, and she finally popped her first tooth!
In that time, we also celebrated Hannah's first Christmas, which I am confident was more fun for Alex and me than it was for her. She would have been content playing in a pile of wrapping paper. With all of these changes and with a recent visit from Santa, I have a whole new list of things we are loving lately... check it out:

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit - In truth, Hannah hasn't worn this to bed for the last few months but I have recently recommended it to two moms with younger babies as "the greatest thing ever" and realized I never mentioned it here. This thing is great! It's the perfect thing for babies to wear to bed after swaddling and before they're actively rolling around in their cribs because it keeps them cozy and still. I credit it for the fact that Hannah is an awesome sleeper now.
Blueberry Hill Bunny with Knit Flowers Hat - This hat is the cutest thing! Cozy and warm, but also adorable. Hannah got one in her stocking and I love it on her!
The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Baby Healthcare & Grooming Kit - This kit has everything from a thermometer to nail clippers to the best snot sucker (it's true!) in it and it's a must-add for any baby registry. I've been using this kit since Hannah was born, but I'm including it now because her favorite toy for the past month has been the rattle that comes in this kit. I'm pretty sure it is meant to distract baby while you're clipping her toenails, but Hannah just wants to carry it everywhere and shake it all the time.
Dragons Love Tacos - Santa brought this book to Hannah and it has quickly become a favorite for Alex and me at storytime. It's silly and fun and a book that's on heavy rotation at bedtime around here.
Madame Alexander Baby Huggums - My baby LOVES babies. I'm not sure when it started, but when she sees a baby doll she just lights up. Huggums is a classic (my sisters had one growing up too!) and Hannah adores hers. She has a soft body and she's smaller than your average baby doll, so she's the perfect baby to give to your baby.
Zutano Cozie Fleece Cuffed Pants - It has been positively frigid here in Chicago for the past few weeks and it wasn't much warmer during our New Year's visit to northern Michigan either. These pants are perfect for keeping baby toasty indoors or out and about. They're soft and move like sweatpants so baby can still move freely.
Baby Einstein Discover & Play Piano - This is one of the first noisy interactive toys that we've given to Hannah and it's been a big hit so far. This little guy plays an assortment of classical tunes in three different instruments, it counts, plays animal noises, and speaks in 3 different languages. It is fun, educational, and not boring!
Beaba Baby Food Freezer Tray - I told you in one of my last round ups that I love making homemade purees for Hannah in the Beaba Babycook, but I have to hand it to those folks... they've also created the best method for storing the purees too! After busting 3 (yes, 3) ice cube trays when trying to portion out and freeze pureed food for Hannah I finally started using these silicone trays and they work so much better. They're BPA-free, silicone so the frozen purees pop out easily, and the vessels are a little larger so you can decide how large or small baby's portions should be.
Kitty Tails Soft Book by Jellycat - Jellycat makes some of the cutest plush toys (like this Clery look-alike we have in Hannah's nursery), but she loves this soft book too! It makes that crinkly noise that she loves and each page includes a "cat tail" made of a different texture so it keeps her interested-- even on a long car ride!
JJ Cole BundleMe - City moms, this product is a must have! Suburban moms, you should have one too! Any baby that spends time in a stroller in the cold weather will love this cozy product. Essentially it wraps around your stroller seat (and the seatbelts fit right through it) so that you can zip your baby into it like a sleeping bag, eliminating the need for them to get suited up in a paralyzing snowsuit before taking a quick stroller ride out in the cold. Put her in those Zutano fleece pants first and you've got a perfectly warm baby who can still kick her legs around!
Burt's Bees Baby Striped PJ's - Hannah got these jammies for Chirstmas (the onesie version) and we love them! They are so soft and festive without screaming "CHRISTMAS MORNING!!" so she can also wear them for the next few weeks (until she likely grows out of them).
Burt's Bees Baby Adult Striped PJ's - Did I mention that they make these super soft jammies for mommies too? And that I might have a pair... and Alex has the dad version... and my mom actually bought them for our entire family for Christmas? Yup, we are that family! But, at least we are cute and cozy. And they are Oprah-approved!

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