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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lakeview Guide: Pizza To Go

Although I love going out to some of our favorite restaurants or trying new ones, I have always had a special place in my heart for a date night at home. There's nothing better on a Friday night after a long week of work than coming home, putting on sweats, ordering in, and enjoying a glass of wine and a movie with Alex. And now that we are new parents and even while I was pregnant and exhausted, this has definitely become more the norm for us-- sans wine during pregnancy, of course.

Living in Chicago, we have hundreds of different choices for takeout dinners-- cuisines and delivery/order methods. Even with all of those options, Alex and I almost always come back to pizza. And we're lucky to have some great options right in our neighborhood! Frasca is, of course, always one of our go to's for pizza, pasta, and salads. Today I'm also sharing three more of my favorite Lakeview spots for enjoying a pizza to go!

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza is definitely one of the more unique options for pizza in the neighborhood. It's part of a national chain, so if you're not in Chicago it's possible you've already been to a Blaze elsewhere. In fact, the first time I dined at Blaze was on a quick business trip to Indianapolis. Blaze is a fast casual spot where you can create your own pizza on demand with a variety of toppings (a la Chipotle).

Blaze offers a great menu of signature pizzas, but the build-your-own option is really where it's at. Once you get in line and select your original or gluten-free crust, an array of dozes of toppings are available for you to top your pizza with: sauces, proteins, cheeses, and tons of vegetables. I love that I can order something new every time and never get bored! A few of my favorite toppings include Blaze's pesto sauce, mozzarella ovalini, goat cheese, roasted garlic, and banana peppers. And once you've built your pizza, it goes into the oven for 180 seconds and then you've got a freshly baked made to order pizza that's all your own!

Blaze is one of our favorite options for lunch when we are out and about in the neighborhood. Our nearest location is also conveniently located next to the Belmont "L" stop, so it's also a nice option for picking up an easy, tasty, and cost effective dinner on the way home from work. Not interested in venturing out? You can also order and customize your Blaze pizza and have it delivered to your door via Postmates! Use code FSVD and get $10 off your first Blaze Pizza delivery via Postmates!

Pizzeria Serio

Pizzeria Serio is most definitely a West Lakeview/Roscoe Village neighborhood gem. It's located on a quiet block of West Belmont and the restaurant itself is pretty unassuming. It's a casual family-friendly spot with a small bar in the front and a big brick pizza oven in the back. We have only eaten in the restaurant twice, but have picked up a pizza to go more times than I care to mention. And let me tell you, this is not your standard greasy takeout pizza.

"Serio" translates to "serious" in Italian and that's exactly what this pizza is-- it starts with a hand tossed crust that's just thin enough (not cracker-thin) that bakes up perfectly chewy and charred in their pizza oven. And each pie is topped with high quality ingredients. I always go back to their Margherita pizza with fresh mozzarella and basil. Alex loves their Diavolo pizza, topped with a combination of spicy peppers, onions, and hot sopressata.

Our typical order is a pizza for each of us (which is enough for dinner plus a few extra meals) and a Caesar salad to share, but lately I've been trying some of their other menu items too. The build-your-own calzone is great option and since it's made with their signature pizza dough it's really delicious. I'd also mention that the pesto flatbread, meatballs, and garlic sticks are all solid options if you're not in the mood for pizza too.

Art of Pizza

When we moved to this neighborhood we had never heard of Art of Pizza but as soon as our Chicago friends found out where we were moving to, this pizza place's name came up over and over again as a deep dish 'must try.' In fact, the Chicago Tribune once named it the best deep dish pizza in the city. So on one very snowy Friday night we took everyone's suggestion and placed our very first Art of Pizza order.

Spoiler alert: We haven't tried their deep dish stuffed pizza yet. I often feel like I'm in need of a triple bypass surgery after eating a slice or two of stuffed pizza, so instead we ordered from their pan pizza menu. Art of Pizza offers decadent stuffed pizza, crispy thin crust, and the pan pizza, which is somewhere in between. It has a great thick and slightly crunchy crust, a slightly sweet and nicely spiced sauce, and a healthy amount of stringy melted cheese... it doesn't really get better than that! Even though it wasn't their stuffed pizzas, these were still rich and filling so one pie can definitely stretch for a few days. I'm told that the also sell deep dish by the slice in the restaurant, which is unheard of and also genius-- for those times you just want to enjoy one piece of deep dish and don't want to wait 90 minutes for it or to be eating it for days afterward. That's next on the To Eat List!

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