A Squared: Travel Tuesday: Java Burrito Company in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Travel Tuesday: Java Burrito Company in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Dining out is both one of my favorite and least favorite things about work travel. I love trying local foods at new-to-me restaurants in new-to-me locations, but I still feel very awkward about dining alone. I have tried, but I just can't get comfortable with it! So, when I found myself alone in Hilton Head I was so happy to have my friend Julie and her sister Leah to dine with me on my first night there, but on the second evening I was on my own. Since I had driven around and worked all day and then had to fly out early the next morning, I decided to do something quick and easy for dinner that night.

After just a few minutes of research, I came across the Java Burrito Company and based on the reviews, I was pretty much sold. This fast casual Mexican restaurant/coffee shop is Hilton Head's local version of a Chipotle/Starbucks hybrid serving fast casual build-your-own burritos and a variety of coffee beverage. This place has a great industrial casual vibe and is tucked unassumingly into a strip mall right on Hilton Head's main drag.

I can't resist chips and guacamole at any Mexican restaurant-- and Java Burrito Company is no exception. The guacamole was creamy and just a little spicy and it came with a huge amount of crispy tortilla chips. It doesn't get better than that!

I opted for a burrito bowl for my entree-- and I loved the locally sourced ingredients available here. In addition to the standard chicken, pork, and beef options, Java Burrito also offers a local fish of the day protein option. Since I was on the coast, I figured it was only right to try my burrito bowl with that day's local snapper, which was flaky and nicely spiced. I built my bowl with brown rice (love that option too!), lettuce, black beans, salsa verde, guacamole, and the best of all: a sweet and spicy peach salsa. It was such a tasty southern spin on Mexican food-- and all of the ingredients were so fresh and good quality.

Java Burrito Company was the perfect place for me to grab a fast and satisfying dinner on a work night, but I could also see this being a great option for lunch or dinner for vacationing families too. It's quick and easy, casual, there are tons of options, and it's affordable. You can't beat that when you're on vacation!


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