A Squared: Sick Day

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sick Day

Hey readers!

I had a fun post planned for you today, but unfortunately I got hit with a nasty bug this past weekend and never made it that far. The first three posts of the week were written in advance (thankfully!), but while I had grand plans to work on this Thursday post over the course of the week I actually spent most of the week in my pajamas either napping on the couch or sleeping in my bed. I'm pretty sure it has been years since I have been this sick!

This is basically what the first half of this week has looked like for me:

Tea, cinnamon sugar toast (like mom used to make when I was sick!), and flannel pajamas.

And Clery has been snuggling up with me all week. Part of me thinks he's going to be sad to see me go back to work after so much time together, but the other part of me knows he will be psyched to have his dog walker come back and take him on real walks since I didn't have the energy for that this week.

I have big plans to be back in action next week with better health and new posts. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!


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