A Squared: [Almost] 6 Month Pupdate

Thursday, January 15, 2015

[Almost] 6 Month Pupdate

I got to thinking the other day-- Mommy bloggers give you monthly updates on their kids and pregnant bloggers get to give monthly "bumpdates." I want one too! So since it's been a while since I have told you about my little furry four-legged baby, I thought that today I would give you a puppy update (a.k.a. a pupdate)!

Looking back through all the pictures I have taken of Clery since our last puppy check in here, I probably have 100 others that I had to discard in the interest of not making this a novel. And I can't believe how big he's gotten in that time already!

For instance, this was him shortly before Thanksgiving hiding inside our coffee table-- one of his favorite things to do.

And this was when he attempted it shortly after the New Year... not looking very comfortable. He hasn't crawled in since.

 Clery is totally obsessed with our neighbor Junior. Junior is a huge 13-year old yellow lab who patiently sits while Clery climbs all over his head. It's adorable.

Clery also loves Puppy Playtime. We go once a week and he runs free with the other puppies from our building. They wrestle until they are almost too tired to walk the 1 block home.

He has gotten pretty brave about jumping up on furniture-- where he knows he's not allowed to be...

.... And most of the time it is furniture that is clearly too small for him to sit on anyway.

Clery celebrated his first Christmas this year.

Santa brought him an indestructible stuffed turtle.

They are basically inseparable now.

Clery also went on his first roadtrip! The 3 of us drove from Chicago to my parents' home in northern Michigan for an extended holiday visit. He handled the 7+ hour drive there (and then back again) like a champ from the comfort of his crate.

 He got to meet his uncles Tucker and Sully (my parents' yellow labs) and was intimidated at first, but then just wanted to be one of the big boys by the end of the trip.

Alex even caught this adorable shot of the three of them snuggled up in front of the fire after a long day of playing in the snow.

And speaking of snow, Clery saw his first real snow while we were in northern Michigan.

He was confused at first, but now he can't get enough of it-- playing in it and eating it. He even wants to go out and play in it on our frigid deck now that we're home in Chicago again.

He let my sister Libby dress him up-- in a hoodie, a beach towel, and in his dad's favorite Canada hat.

And he met our niece Maeve for the first time. She's a 'gog' lover and couldn't wait to play with him. He was less sure about this small human and decided it was safest to interact with her from underneath the bed.

And he became a real outdoor dog during our trip. Alex took him on multiple nature hikes through the woods, down to the beaver dams, and out on quiet snowy roads.

He was depressed for days after we came home.

And speaking of depressed, the Polar Vortex is here in Chicago and we have broken out Clery's coat and his boots. Putting on and taking off those little rubber boots is an ordeal every time. Clery will literally have his tail between his legs and hang his head in shame by the time we are done.

It's definitely worth it though because this dog lives for going on long family walks around the neighborhood. Even on some of the most frigid nights, we have managed to clock a mile or two.

And we have come home with one cold, but happy dog.

I seriously can't believe how big and old this puppy looks already. He's just shy of 6 months old and already weighs close to 40 lbs. and has a very mature dog look about him. That chubby puppy face is gone and he's all awkwardly long limbs now.

But he is as playful as ever and he lives for teasing us and then following up with a cuddle session.

Clery is basically the best.

Want more cuteness? Clery is on Instagram now! Follow him at instagram.com/clerycolvin.


  1. aww i love this! he is getting so big :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Clery is so stinking cute! I need to this timeline for my puppy too. What a great idea!

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