A Squared: My Top 10 Favorite Recipes from 2014

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Top 10 Favorite Recipes from 2014

Happy New Year's Eve!

Since a lot of us have big plans for entertaining or going out tonight, I'm keeping today's post easy breezy. I love posting recipe round ups around themes like holidays and seasons or based on your most clicked or most pinned posts. Today's recipe round up is a collection of my 10 favorites from last year. I looked back at all the recipes I posted in 2014 and managed to narrow the list down to my 10 personal favorites from a year full of food.

So, (in no particular order) here are my favorite recipes from 2014. Give them a try in 2015!

1. Biscoff Cookie & Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches -- My first go at homemade ice cream and ice cream sandwiches were totally delicious. And this photo is one of my favorites that I have ever taken and posted on this blog!

2. Caprese Spaghetti Squash Bake -- While this is a collection of my favorite recipes, this one is one of yours. It took off after a retweet on the Meatless Monday account and has been repinned over and over since. It's such a satisfying meatless dinner.

3. Mom's Artichoke Dip -- My take on my mom's classic, easy, and creamy artichoke dip. It's full of flavor and perfect for whipping up in a few minutes before a party.

4. Prosecco Cupcakes with Prosecco Buttercream Frosting -- The perfect cupcakes for celebrating! I made these prosecco-laced cupcakes for celebrating my best friend's 30th birthday and they were a sweet and boozy success.

5. Italian Tuna & White Bean Salad -- A recipe inspired by my travels in Europe. I love this light and fresh makeover of traditionally heavy cream tuna salad.

6. Roasted Butternut Squash with a Rosemary Parmesan Pecan Crust -- I had a serious butternut squash moment this fall and this recipe was one of my favorites. I was super proud of the photos and the flavor was so good that I made a casserole version to serve on our Thanksgiving table too.

7. Sun Dried Tomato & Feta Baked Shrimp -- This flavorful shrimp dish is surprisingly easy to make and can easily feed a crowd too. It was a perfect girls night dinner!

8. Heirloom Tomato Salad -- A salad so simple that I almost didn't photograph it because I didn't think the recipe would be worth posting. Luckily, the colors were so beautiful I couldn't resist and the flavors ended up being so wonderful that I would have been a fool to not share this summer salad with you.

9. Cranberry Apple Kuchen -- Kuchen is a traditional German cake and one my Oma was famous for making. I made this festive American version for Thanksgiving this year and was so happy with how it turned out.

10. Orange Balsamic Glazed Lamb Chops -- I had never made lamb chops before, so this one was a bit of a gamble. The flavors turned out to be rich and wonderful and grilling the chops really enhanced their flavor.

Cheers to 2015 and another year of delicious dishes!


  1. mmm i want to make that artichoke dip tonight! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

    1. Jillian, it's SO good! And totally acceptable to eat for dinner too. ;)

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