A Squared: Meet Clery!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Meet Clery!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen these photos already but today I wanted to introduce you to the newest member of my little family: Meet Clery!

Clery officially moved in with us this past Saturday. He hasn't even lived with us for a week, but we are both totally smitten with him already. 

He already has a very definite personality-- he's goofy and sweet and he loves to play and he loves people. He will stop and let anyone pet him when we're outside. Clery will sit down and wait for an approaching human to ooh and ahh over him and give him a quick pet and seems genuinely offended when they aren't interested in him. He's also remarkably calm for a 10-week old puppy. He isn't super jumpy and he really only barks when he's scared or needs something.

He was doing really well with walks the first weekend we had him-- we took him all around the neighborhood and he only got a little shaky and scared when he was near more major streets with lots of cars and loud noises. It's definitely not a big surprise seeing as the first 2.5 months of his life were spent in a quiet house in a suburban Michigan neighborhood. City life is a big change for this little guy!

Sadly, he had a big scare a few days ago with a nasty little Boston terrier in our building that I have since found out from my neighbors "hates other dogs." Always the kind of dog you want your puppy sharing an elevator with, right? Clery has been super scared to go out on walks past our building since that happened, but we are working on it... he's bound to be Alex's running buddy soon!

He's also adjusting to crate life and although we've had some accidents and some crying when we leave for work, we are constantly surprised by how trainable Clery is proving to be. He recognizes his name and a few commands. We're also trying to teach him to ring a bell on our front door to let us know he needs to go out-- and he already has a few times!

I love how calm this little puppy is, but more than anything I love how much he loves to cuddle. This dog loves to play fetch and chew on anything squeaky, but he also loves to climb into your lap or to be held like a baby. It makes me love him even more-- especially knowing that since he already weighs about 15 lbs. that our days of cradling him like a baby are numbered!

Clery loves eating-- anything and everything including tree bark leaves, and acorns, which led to a scary amount of dog puking the first day we had him! Aside from mini Milk Bones though, pumpkin puree and cheese are a few of his favorite treats. He gets frozen pumpkin in his Kong when we have to crate him and we use chunks of cheese to lure him down the street in an effort to get him used to city walking. The first is working much better than the latter, though he still loves the cheese!

Clery also loves his new dog walker, giving kisses, his squeaky Chardonnay chew toy and his lobster rope toy. He loves eating ice cubes, sitting on our deck and watching cars go by (from a distance, of course), big gentle dogs that want to meet him, sleeping in, on, and behind our living room drapes, and any TV show involving a song, dog barking, bird chirping, or sports.

Clery does not enjoy taking baths, walking on a leash, small jumpy dogs, city noises including cars, sirens, or dogs barking in the distance, wearing a harness (though we have tried), riding the elevator, or being in his crate when we leave for the day. He's a good boy though and I'm confident that with a little more work we will get over all of that!

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  1. SO cute!! congrats on the newest addition to your family ;) xoxo


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