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Friday, September 5, 2014

A Sweet Fall Hostess Gift

Like it or not, the start of fall is upon us. Although it's still a balmy 80-something degrees here in Chicago, it's only a matter of time before there's a chill in the air and crunchy leaves underfoot.

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When fall rolls around, I become a bit of a homebody-- and I think a lot of other people do the same. Summer is about vacations and beach days and cook outs and essentially, no time spent at home. When it gets a little chilly out though, I just want to stay in and light a fire and make chili and entertain people at my house instead of meeting them out and about. For me, fall is all about indoor entertaining-- whether it's an afternoon of football, a holiday dinner, or a cozy dinner party, this is the season for it. So when you're heading over to someone else's home, what do you bring for the hostess?

Well, here's what you shouldn't bring-- or rather, you should exercise caution when deciding to bring one of these items:

Food. If you're going over to someone else's home and any kind of meal, snacking, or eating is involved do not bring a dish to serve-- especially if you haven't run it by the hostess already. Think about it: when you're entertaining guests and you have a multi-course gourmet meal planned out, it can really throw it all off when your guest shows up with 7-layer taco dip... it's delicious, but it doesn't really belong there. So, keep the food at home.

Alcohol. This is a tricky one. I am a big fan of bringing alcohol as a hostess gift, but it is a fine line. Make sure you know the hosts well enough to know whether or not they are drinkers in the first place. That can get awkward quickly otherwise. Second, bring a bottle of wine or whiskey that can be enjoyed later and not necessarily with that evening's meal. Just like the food, you never know what special cocktails or drinks your hostess has planned for the evening and you don't want to step in and make decisions about what should be served at someone else's party.

Flowers. Be mindful of pets in the hostess's home as some plants and flowers can be deadly to cats and dogs. Also, be considerate of allergies. A big bouquet of flowers can make a hostess with allergies pretty miserable.

So, what should you bring? Well, chocolate, of course.

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I know there are some people out there who don't love chocolate, but it is generally a crowd pleaser and one of the easiest most foolproof hostess gifts around. It's something easy that can be put out with a dessert spread or saved to snack on later. And if you head to Godiva Chocolatier you're also guaranteed to find chocolates that are high quality, beautifully packaged, and seasonally appropriate.

And since fall is usually so jam packed with parties, Godiva chocolates are the perfect thing to stock up on. Now you've always got a hostess gift on hand no matter how last minute the party or how busy you happen to be that day or week. I am loving Godiva's fall-themed candies. Those pumpkin patch truffles (above) are not only adorably packaged, but they are also filled with a pumpkin spice ganache. Wow.

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And how great are these beautifully wrapped turkey chocolates? The perfect gift for your Thanksgiving hostess!

Well, if you're taking my advice and stocking up on Godiva for the start of this busy party season (because let's be honest, it will last through the end of the year!) then Groupon is here to make it even easier for you. Groupon Coupons is a new coupon site brought to you by the deal-savvy folks at Groupon, designed to make your in-store and online shopping just a little bit easier-- and cheaper! At Groupon Coupons you can find dozens of Godiva coupons and coupon codes in addition to coupons for a variety of other retailers.

From free shipping codes to in-store BOGO deals (like those delicious soft serve drinks and desserts available at Godiva cafes) to specific product discounts, there is no reason that you can't give any hostess a sweet gift this fall!

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