A Squared: The Tastemaker Top 10 with Holly of [Im]perfectly Balanced

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Tastemaker Top 10 with Holly of [Im]perfectly Balanced

The Tastemaker Top 10 is a collection of 10 questions asked by me and answered by some of my favorite bloggers. Here they will tell you a little bit about themselves, their blogs, and of course, their favorite foods and restaurants. Today we're talking to Holly, a Dallas-based designer, blogger at [Im]perfectly Balanced, and a business colleague and friend in real life. I love this girl's southern flair and some of her responses had me giggling... check it out!

Name: Holly

Blog: [Im]perfectly Balanced

Location: Dallas, TX

In a few sentences, tell us a little bit about your blog. 

Now, tell us about your...

1. Favorite meal, food, or cuisine: 
 Fish wrapped in parchment paper, with spinach, white wine, lemons, herbs and steamed in the oven. So simple.

2. Least favorite meal, food, or cuisine:
 Anything pretty much with cinnamon in it...

3. Favorite restaurant in your city:
Origin Kitchen + Bar

4. Favorite restaurant outside of your city:
 City Grocery, Oxford, Mississippi
5. Favorite food memory. Going to my grandparent's house on Sundays for lunch or dinner. My grandmother would make a full spread. My favorite thing was her fried okra and she would have our own little jello cups made for my brother, sister and me.

6. Favorite guilty pleasure food: CHIPS in RANCH DIP!

7. Favorite ingredient (something you love to cook with, or something you see on a menu and know you have to order): Right now it's Brussels sprouts or mushrooms.

8. Favorite kitchen tool, utensil, product, etc.: My hand blender.

9. Favorite recipe: That's hard...let's try this one: http://www.imperfectlybalanced.net/2014/02/tasty-tuesday-warm-shaved-brussels-sprouts-salad/

10. Favorite thing about blogging: I love sharing my recipes, adventures with everyone, but I love going back and looking through my old posts and reliving those memories.

11. Five favorite blogs/blogs that A Squared readers should know about:

Thanks so much for your thoughts, Holly!

Do you have a blogger that you'd recommend to be featured on the Tastemaker Top 10? Or are you a blogger that would like to participate? Email me at aasquaredblog@gmail.com and let me know!

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  1. mmm i love chips + ranch dip! xo jillian - cornflake dreams stop by, im hosting a tasty giveaway.


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