A Squared: My Favorite Things: Grandma's Perogies in Petoskey, MI

Friday, January 3, 2014

My Favorite Things: Grandma's Perogies in Petoskey, MI

As you may have gathered from yesterday's post, Alex and I have recently returned from a visit with my family up in northern Michigan. My mom loves nothing more than serving up some great meals-- both extravagant and simple-- when we are all up there. Twice while we were visiting this time around, I had the pleasure of stuffing myself with Grandma's Perogies. And they are delicious.

Unfortunately, I do not have a Polish grandma to make homemade perogies on demand so the next best thing is to get them from this Grandma. We were first introduced to Grandma's Perogies at The Depot restaurant in Mackinaw City. They were serving these perogies on their appetizer menu and once we found out that they were handmade locally, we knew we had to try them. We polished them off very quickly and after that, my mom sought out Grandma's and stocked up for this little winter vacation.

Grandma's Perogies come in a variety of different filling combinations: from the traditional like Potato & Cheese to the more creative using ingredients like elk, whitefish, and buffalo. We tried several of these and my personal favorites are the Potato, Cheese, Onion & Sauerkraut and the "Beer-Rogie," which includes those same 4 ingredients as well as kielbasa cooked in beer. I love the tang that sauerkraut adds to the rich perogie filling.

Alex isn't a huge perogie fan, but he loved Grandma's Mexican perogie, which was a little outside the Polish perogie box filled with taco-seasoned ground beef, cheddar, and onions.

Grandma's Perogies arrive frozen (which is great given the amount that my mom bought) and are sold by the dozen in packages of six. We thawed out a few and I sauteed them in a combination of olive oil and butter until they were browned on either side. We served them warm with a little sour cream on the side-- one night along with a pork loin and then the next day alone for lunch-- and they were delicious. These perogies are a really generous size with a thick homemade potato dough exterior and generous filling inside.

You can find Grandma's Perogies at several restaurants and stores throughout northern Michigan. They are also available direct from Grandma and she ships, so you can enjoy them anywhere! Check out her Facebook page for more information or to contact her directly.

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