A Squared: 2 Years of A Squared: Your Top 10 Posts

Friday, November 22, 2013

2 Years of A Squared: Your Top 10 Posts

I can't believe that A Squared is turning 2 today! It doesn't seem that long ago that I launched my third blog, named it A Squared, and prayed that I would follow through with publishing more than 3 posts on it before I got bored and gave up. Well, 2 years and over 400 posts later here we are.

Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me and watching as A Squared evolved from a place where I could occupy my post-wedding free time with random thoughts to a community of people who love cooking, restaurants, travel, Chicago, and talking all about it. I couldn't be more appreciative of all of your support!

And to show my appreciation, here are the top most popular posts of all time as decided by you, of course:

10. Carbo-Loading: Chicago Marathon Weekend - Crazy that this post was added last month and is one of the top 10 of the last 2 years! In celebration of Alex's big Marathon run, I posted a round up of some of my favorite healthier pasta recipes for your carbo-loading needs.

9. Fall Recipe Round-Up: Rhode Island Edition - You all love a recipe round-up! This one is also from just last month and includes a few delicious original recipes and some found around the internet and blog world for yummy fall foods like pumpkin oatmeal scotchies, maple whipped cream, and more!

8. Using Up Leftovers: Roasted Chicken Parm Pasta Bake - This recipe makes a fabulous one dish dinner and is an excellent way to use up the flavorful chicken left over from my sun-dried tomato roasted whole chicken.

7. My Top 10 Post-Holiday Detox Ingredients - A helpful list for this time of year! Ingredients that will help you detox and de-bloat after indulging during the holidays.

6. What's For Dinner Wednesday: Beach Bar Tomato Soup - Not a surprise that this one cracked the top 10! If you are from southeastern Michigan or have ever been, you have likely visited the Beach Bar, tried their amazing creamy tomato soup, and Googled it to death trying to find the recipe. Here it is. Enjoy!

5. What's For Dinner Wednsday: Legal Sea Foods-Inspired Baked Scrod - This recipe is another one inspired by a favorite regional restaurant. Legal Sea Foods is a New England institution and their buttery crumb-topped baked scrod is one of their most recognizable dishes.

4. A Note for my Husband on our First Anniversary - I just love that you guys love this one!

3. My Favorite Things: The Perfect Pair of Jeans - This is a bit of a surprise, but this post about my love for Paige Denim is the third most popular post in A Squared history. It was posted in September of last year and I have about worn these jeans out... time for a new pair!

2. What's For Dinner Wednesday: Post-Thanksgiving Apple Cider Glazed Turkey - This recipe was inspired by one I found in Real Simple Magazine and it was just SO good! I'm pretty sure we'll be having a cider glazed turkey for Thanksgiving this year too.

1. Another Gratuitous Granola Post - Your favorite post of all time is this healthier granola recipe! Really? It still surprises me. I'm not knocking this granola-- because it is really good-- but of all the recipes posted on this blog, I'd never have guessed you'd like this one the best!

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