A Squared: Chicago Marathon Weekend Snapshots

Monday, October 14, 2013

Chicago Marathon Weekend Snapshots

Ever have one of those Mondays where you start the new week off feeling exhausted instead of well-rested? I'm having one of those Mondays.

It may have been a tiring one, but it was a great weekend. On Sunday the whole city came out to celebrate the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. The runners are super inspiring and it's always an exciting time to live in the city-- especially when you have your own runner (or runners) to cheer on! My husband Alex ran (what he says is) his final Marathon this weekend and he did an amazing job. He finished strong in about 3 hours and 28 minutes. I'm a proud wife!

I had a great time running around the city and cheering for him. Here are a few snapshots from the Marathon and the weekend leading up to it...

Gratuitous food photo alert: This is a pumpkin cayenne cheesecake brownie that I picked up at Delightful Pastries at the Chicago French Market. WOW, it was good! This is a recipe that I need to figure out right now...

I finally tried Bow Truss Coffee Roasters! Such a cool little shop and the coffee is really bold and delicious.

 On Saturday I headed to the Marathon Expo with Alex. We picked up the shuttle at the Fairmont Hotel and stumbled across this beautiful pair of photos in their lower lobby: It's the iconic staircase in the Rookery building where we hosted our wedding almost two years ago!

I love going to the Marathon Expo with Alex. There's always tons of ridiculous swag and free samples to collect. I also usually make him stop for a goofy photo opp there too-- like this one. #RunAlexRun

We had a delicious carbo-loading pasta dinner on Saturday night with friends-- including a few that were also running. La Scarola is amazing and I will fill you in on the dinner details later!

The weather on Sunday was perfect for running-- or at least, that's what I am told. Let's be honest-- I don't run. I just cheer.

Alexis and I encountered several interesting characters along our cheering route. Not sure that trying to save runners while they're running is the most effective option... just saying.

We managed to catch Alex a few times throughout the run-- at the 2nd and 11th miles in the River North neighborhood and at the 25-mile marker in the South Loop... just shy of the finish line. He was totally in the zone by then.

We celebrated Alex's big marathon victory with an overly indulgent appetizer spread at our favorite neighborhood spot New Line Tavern. We love going here on Sundays for 1/2 price appetizers and tried a new one today: Jalapeno Popper Wontons. Think crab rangoon + jalapeno popper. Yum!

So yes, I'm a bit sleepy today... My running man took today off to recuperate and joining me for a lunch date, which doesn't often happen. Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week ahead!


  1. Looks like you really had fun at the marathon. It really takes stamina and endurance to run a marathon, but it really must be fun. Wish there were more of these kinds of things in my town too.

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