A Squared: Jet Lag: 48 Hours in San Diego

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jet Lag: 48 Hours in San Diego

You know what I have to say about today? Thank God it's Thursday!

I had been working on a City Walk post about the Andersonville neighborhood that I wanted to have ready for you today, but this week has really gotten the best of me. I spent Monday and Tuesday flying to San Diego, hosting a workshop with my company, and then flying home to make a client presentation first thing Wednesday morning. Needless to say, I am exhausted. And a little jet lagged. So I am taking a breather today, but will be back tomorrow with a fun and spicy side dish recipe (to go along with the rest of this week's recipes).

In the meantime, here are a few snapshots that sum up the crazy first 48 hours of this week...

You know how much I love my food and I was SO looking forward to grabbing breakfast at Tortas Frontera, but it took me 1.5 hours to get to the airport. I almost missed my flight. Agh! So instead, I ended up grabbing pretzels and dried fruit while running to the gate. Not very foodie of me, but such is the life of a traveler.

I was so happy that we had a smidge of free time to see some of San Diego before the start of our meeting. The weather was beautiful and we walked out to Tuna Harbor Park where several historic naval ships and planes, a memorial to Bob Hope, and the Unconditional Surrender statue (above) are located. I actually saw it during a work meeting in Sarasota in December, so it was crazy to see again here!

And you can't visit the coast without eating some local seafood. Or at least, I can't. We stopped into The Fish Market restaurant, also located in Tuna Harbor Park. The menu was vast and the seafood was fresh. I had a great Dungeness Crab salad sandwich. And the view is amazing-- we dined next to blue waters, naval helicopters, and we spotted a dolphin!
The Fish Market on Urbanspoon

I was staying at the Westin Emerald Plaza downtown and it was so fabulously 80's. Check out these decorative elements that were dangling in the lobby. Love it.

And I managed to add a Starbucks San Diego mug to my collection on my way out of town. Check that one off the list!


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