A Squared: Happening (and Eating) Recently

Monday, September 30, 2013

Happening (and Eating) Recently

How is it Monday again and how is it already the last day of September? 2013 has zipped by crazy quickly and with as much as we have on our calendar for next year (already), 2014 is sure to fly by before I know it too.

The last week was super busy and the next one is set to be even busier. I'm currently packing and prepping for a trip to the east coast this week. I'll be doing some work in the Boston suburbs and then spending some quality time in Rhode Island with my parents and sisters.

Here's what else has been happening-- and specifically, what we have been eating lately...


Last week, Kit from The Kittchen and Erin from Color Me Styled hosted a fabulous happy hour for Chicago bloggers at The Goddess & Grocer. The turnout was great and it was so fun to meet some of the girls (and guys) behind my favorite blogs and Twitter feeds like Living's As Easy As 312. Thanks so much for organizing a great night, girls!

Alex and I broke out the bubbly and had a fabulous dinner at The Bedford in Wicker Park to celebrate some promising professional developments. I'll be telling you more about dinner at The Bedford another time, but in the meantime... cheers!

The vault at The Bedford

We hadn't stopped into the French Market in a long time, but after Alex's long run on Saturday (he's in the home stretch of training for the Chicago Marathon in a couple weeks) he came home craving a lobster roll, which is funny because we had actually just eaten lobster rolls a few days earlier. Alex's post-run cravings crack me up. He's like a pregnant woman.

So, I indulged him and we took a walk over to the Chicago French Market. Alex got his lobster roll at the new Da Lobsta stall there. One lobster roll a week is enough for me (and coincidentally, our earlier lobster roll meal was at Da Lobsta's Gold Coast location), so I wandered over to Saigon Sisters to try one of their famous banh mi sandwiches. I have been to their sit down restaurant before, but the French Market stall is where it all began. I tried The Hen House banh mi, which was delicious and spicy with chicken, lemongrass, ginger, mint, lime, mayo, crushed peanut, and chiles. 

On our way out, Alex wanted to stop at Lavazza Expression to grab a pint of straciatella gelato to go. I noticed that they were serving pumpkin pie gelato and being a huge pumpkin-flavored anything lover, I jumped on a cup of that. It was so delicious!

I got such a fun Klout Perk in the mail: Assorted Real Techniques makeup brushes. Amazing! My makeup bag was in dire need of a makeover, so this was perfect.

And finally, let's talk about Sunday brunch. Alex and I made our second visit to Siena Tavern and, as expected, brunch was just as delicious as dinner.

Alex always goes rogue when ordering brunch and rarely gets a breakfast-y item. This brunch was no exception and he ordered a pepperoni pizza. Although seeing how yummy it looks (above), can you blame him? And he has a few slices to take for lunch today... jealous!

 I ordered the artichoke omelet and just look at how pretty and perfect it is. I didn't even want to slice into it! And I am calling it right now: the "sticky potatoes" that come on the side of the omelet are the best breakfast potatoes I have had in Chicago. They are a perfect combination of soft and crispy, dusted with Parmesan and rosemary. They were perfect.

We also saw a bag of the bomboloni go by and we knew we needed an order of those. They are soft, warm, and sugary donuts served with a variety of dipping sauces: whisky-caramel, chocolate hazelnut, raspberry chianti, and vanilla. They were super sweet and rich, so sharing a plate with someone else is the perfect way to enjoy them. But really, they are basically heaven on a plate.

Have a great week!

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