A Squared: Top 10 Items on My Birthday Wishlist

Monday, July 29, 2013

Top 10 Items on My Birthday Wishlist

So, I just realized last week that I have a birthday coming up soon... like, really soon. In just shy of 3 weeks I will be turning 29. I don't feel like I'm that old, but then I start to think about it and go "Yikes, I am almost 30!"

Truthfully, I'm not that terrified about it. The looming new decade is a bit intimidating, but I know that 29 and then my thirties are going to bring a lot of great things with them-- a home of our own, babies, puppies... it will be good!

As we plug away saving for all of those things, I've made a little wishlist of the things that I would love to be shopping for if I wasn't budgeting. Some of them are pipe dreams and some are just things that I have been holding off on purchasing. But, if you're looking to do a little shopping for me this year, here's what I have been coveting lately...

Top 10 Items on my Birthday Wishlist

1. Longchamp foldable tote - Honestly, I have wanted one of these bags since college. Back then it was more of a status symbol, but now it's more of a stylish yet functional need for all of the business travel I have been doing lately. I'd love to lug all of my materials around in this bag.

2. Ray-Ban Aviators - I have never owned a pair of decent sunglasses. I'm a devoted aviator wearer and would love to finally have a pair that will hold up a little longer than the cheaper versions I normally rock.

3. Jack Rogers leather sandals - I requested a pair of these last year and have still been on too strict of a budget to buy them for myself!

4. Banana Republic colorblock sheath - How cute and classic is this dress? I'd love it for work, bridal showers, or a summer date night. 

5. Banana Republic foldover purse - I have been wanting a brightly colored statement bag for going out. The color and size of this one (along with the simple design) is exactly what I want.

6. Nikon D5100 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm VR Lens Black - After I got an iPhone a few years ago I rarely used my digital camera for anything because, frankly, the iPhone photos were a better quality. Now that this blog has become such a big part of my life and with babies on the horizon in the next few years (and the photo opps that accompany them), I think it may be time to upgrade.

7. Weeknights with Giada Cookbook - I have worn out my existing Giada cookbook collection and I am pretty sure this is the only one I do not own. It would complete my set!

8. Vitamix Cia Professional Series Blender, Onyx - This is a pricey blender. I do not expect anyone to buy it for me. But, I still want it.

9. Franco Sarto patent leather shoes - A purely practical want. My work wardrobe is made up of way more navy than black. It's my go to neutral. I need some new work shoes to go with it all.

10. Banana Republic sleeveless lace top - I love this top. It's preppy, feminine, and versatile. I could wear it under a jacket for work or with jeans for date night. 

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