A Squared: A 30th Birthday Retrospective

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A 30th Birthday Retrospective

Today I'd like to wish my wonderful husband a very happy 30th birthday!

Alex, I'm so happy to be celebrating another birthday with you-- and a milestone birthday, at that. I've had so much fun celebrating with you year after year and can safely say I love the 30-year old you even more than the 24-year old Alex that I met back in Boston.

As a little gift to you (and to our readers), let's take a little trip down memory lane: a look back at Alex's A Squared birthdays past...

 2008: The first birthday we celebrated together. I made you Magnolia Bakery vanilla cupcakes and we tried to get everyone together at Boston's Revolution Rock Bar. The lines were long and it wasn't our scene so we ended up at the (sketchy) Hong Kong for scorpion bowls and chicken teriyaki on a stick (gross, but you love them). And of course, we ended the night at The Last Drop with the greatest group of friends ever.

2009: It was our first birthday celebration living in Chicago and in true Anne and Alex form, we tried to get everyone together at a bar (Howl at the Moon) that wouldn't let people through the doors. So we ended up at Rockit with some old friends and new friends who would soon become our old friends. And you blew out the candles on red velvet cupcakes.

2010: You didn't even want a party, but I couldn't let you escape the year without celebrating! We toasted you at Michael Diversey's while watching some college basketball and enjoyed red velvet cupcakes for the second year in a row.

2011: We planned a very last minute celebration for you at the Jefferson Tap, our neighborhood bar. Somehow, I managed to whip out a giant chocolate-frosted chocolate chip cookie cake and a group of our friends made it out to celebrate with you with less than a day's notice. Those are good people!


2012: Not my best party planning wife moment! I was in Florida on business until the day before your birthday, so there was no party this year. But, I did take you out to RPM Italian for dinner and bought you a mini key lime pie (one of your other dessert vices) at the French Market.

2013: I think we more than made up for your lack of a party in 2012 this year!

Cheers to 30, a wonderful year ahead, and to many more birthdays celebrated together!

With love,


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