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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Favorite Things: The Spice House

I haven't done a Favorite Things post in a while, but I was inspired when I was making dinner last night to tell you about a really cool store/product.  We were grilling porkchops (yes, I made my husband go outside and grill last night... sorry, honey!) and they were really delicious and simply seasoned with a spice blend called Pullman Porkchop Seasoning from The Spice House.

The Spice House is a great spice store in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood that I discovered one Saturday while waiting for my husband getting a haircut across the street.  They sell high quality spices in bulk and they are all beautifully displayed in these giant glass jars.  And it smells amazing!  I was sucked in right away and had a ton of fun wandering around checking out all of their spices, salts, sugars, and special blends.  I was trying to be good and not shop for myself (story of my life), so who is the only person that would enjoy these goodies half as much as me?  My mom, obviously. 

In addition to bulk spices, the Spice House also sells themed gift boxes.  I got mom a fun box full of spiced sugars (like vanilla bean, lavender, and maple...yum) and a bottle of pure Madagascar vanilla extract.

She enjoyed the gift so much that she Googled the Spice House and found out that they have an online store too.  How convenient for all of you!  My husband and my brother each received gift boxes of assorted hot and spicy blends for Christmas this year.  Alex's Smoky Flavors gift set included the porkchop seasoning, Milwaukee Ave. Steak Seasoning, Brisket of Love BBQ Rub, and a Ground Chipotle Chili Powder (which he traded for the Vulcan's Fire Salt from my brother's Some Like It Hot gift box).

The Spice House gift boxes would make a great gift for any food lover in your life.  They have a wide variety including some really cool Chicago-themed spice sets and a "starter" herb & spice kit to gift to newlyweds. Each set comes with a guide to the spices, recipe suggestions, and they are packed with edible packing materials-- bay leaves, nutmeg, and cinnamon sticks.  Too cool!

The Spice House is located at 1512 N. Wells in Chicago.  They also have locations in Evanston, IL, Geneva, IL, and Milwaukee, WI.


  1. I love the spice house. They have baking spices and Madagascar Vanilla too. Next time check out Old Town Oil, an olive oil shop too - it is just down the street.

  2. Love reading the article. Add Red Chili Powder in your food to give it another taste.

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