A Squared: Thanksgiving 2012 Weekend Highlights

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 Weekend Highlights

The view from Museum Campus at dusk
After a brief hiatus from blogging I am back in action and dreading the fact that real life begins again tomorrow.  We had such a nice little Thanksgiving here in Chicago and I am so thankful (again) that we have started our tradition of celebrating in our home.  My siblings and I always loved our tradition of staying at home,  making dinner, and going to see a movie on Thanksgiving Day.  Occasionally a family friend, an aunt, or grandparents would join us, but it was always us at our house.  It was so important to me and I know that the tradition that we have started will be even more special someday when we have kids too.

It also meant a lot to have my little sister Emma here for the holiday again.  And while I can't wait to tell you all about the food and my kitchen adventures from our Thanksgiving Day feast, right now I'd like to share some snapshots from the holiday weekend.  I'm truly thankful for the good company of my husband and my sister this year.

A yummy and relatively healthy seafood salad at Hub 51 on Wednesday evening before the carbfest that ensued for the rest of the weekend.

Cranberry Juice + Sparkling MI wine = Thanksgiving cocktail

A toast of thanksgiving

Alex is thankful for turkey legs

On Black Friday we decided to stay far away from Michigan Avenue and anything else resembling a department store and/or mall.  Nerd alert!  We went to the Field Museum instead.  And it was actually really fun.  It has been a long time since I have been to a science museum and this trip to the Field Museum was a first for all 3 of us which made it even better.

Such a pretty space... especially with holiday lights!

Alex and Emma's T Rex arms next to famous T Rex Sue

After our museum excursion and for the second Black Friday in a row we also stopped by the Christkindlmarket in the Chicago Loop.  The Christkindlmarket is an outdoor German-style Christmas market where they sell ornaments, crafts, sweets, and other holiday items.  They also serve German treats and unlike last year (since she was only 20), we got to enjoy a boot full of Gl├╝hwein (hot spiced wine) with Emma too.


Alex and Emma bought matching hats to brave the cold evening at Daley Plaza.  Precious.  And then Alex stocked up on Haribo gummy candies in the Sweet House tent.

After the Christkindlmarket we took a break from turkey and warmed up with dinner at one of our favorite Italian places-- Via Carducci in Wicker Park.

On Saturday Emma and I had some girl time while Alex watched football and we did a little Christmas shopping at the boutiques in Lincoln Park.  It was all lit up for Christmas and it was Small Business Saturday so it was fun to be able to get out and support some of these great shops.  Check out Art Effect-- it's my favorite and I could have finished all of my holiday shopping there!  After that we met Alex for some Mexican food and cocktails to toast Emma's last night with us at Adobo Grill in Old Town.

And finally, we packed away the fall decorations and broke out the Christmas music and decorations.  Emma helped us put the tree up before she left and now our home is officially ready for the most wonderful time of the year.  I LOVE Christmas and can't wait to share more holiday-related posts with you over the coming month!

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