A Squared: Fall Cleaning

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Cleaning

Happy Friday!

I don't know about you, but fall seems like a much better season for doing some serious cleaning and closet purging than spring ever does.  Fall always makes me feel energized and like it's the start of a new year and time to take on new projects.  Cleaning is one of my least favorite projects.  I should be more specific-- We do a decent job of keeping the apartment clean, but keeping it organized and limiting the amount of clutter we have is another story.  My husband and I each have our own hoarding tendencies so this is a big challenge!

Even though I'm not in school anymore, I always feel the need to do some back to school shopping in the fall (force of habit, I guess!), so I end up bringing a lot of new items into my closet.  And then the weather starts to cool off so I find myself spending more time in my apartment that I've neglected for trips to the beach, street fests, and farmers markets during the summer months before.  That's when I also start to notice how much stuff I have.

It seems that most of our friends are out of town this weekend and we are expecting some rainy weather, so we don't have any "real" plans for the next few days.  Aside from a dinner and a movie date with my husband tonight, I'll be spending some time in the scary space pictured below: My Closet.  I'm ashamed to share these pictures with you because it's a disaster.  But if I can't be honest on this blog, then what's the point of writing? 

I have too many clothes.

You can see that I started to organize at some point... what a mess!

I am certainly limited by the size of my closet and dream of one day having a closet like the one pictured below.  It's so bright, clean, and spacious.  Sigh...

Dream closet

In reality though, the two photos below are seriously inspirational when it comes to organizing my current closet.  They aren't outrageously spacious, but they are still pretty, low on clutter, and every item has a home. 

Small, yet organized
Small, girly, and neat

So now you know my big plans for this weekend.  What are you up to?  Whatever it is, enjoy it!


  1. Twice a year I swap clothing in my closet. In the spring I box up my sweaters and bring out the summer dresses. In the fall I do the opposite. The sweaters require much more room and I always find that I need to clean out my closet to make space!

    1. I've got my sweaters stashed under the bed so they take up considerably less room. My problem is that I look in my closet at a dress I wore once 4 years ago and say "It would be a shame to get rid of this after only wearing it once" knowing full well if I haven't worn it since then, I definitely won't again. And then I buy a new one for the next occasion. It's a vicious cycle!

  2. I just went to the container store yesterday and got shelving and drawers because I'm having major issues! The hardest thing in a smaller apt is the swapping of the clothes. There's no where to store the out of season stuff!! But I'm on the same wavelength as you this weekend. You're not alone! And someday we will have our dream closets. I hope.

    1. I removed 1 full bag of old clothes this weekend. Some of it belonged to my husband, but I still consider it a goal accomplished... I need to hit the Container Store as well and also perhaps upgrade my hangers to those super skinny felty kind. My plastic ones break and take up too much space!

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