A Squared: A Note for My Husband on our First Anniversary

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Note for My Husband on our First Anniversary

About a month ago I had this brilliant idea that, in celebration of our one year anniversary, I was going to do a full week of wedding retrospective posts.  I started this blog about a month after our wedding so I never got to blog about the details of our big day or the planning leading up to it.  Well, I ended up very sick and asleep for most of this past week/weekend so those posts haven't come to fruition.  Yet.  Maybe we'll revisit next year for our second anniversary?  Instead, I'm going to keep it simple.


Thank you for a wonderful first year of marriage.  It's been a year of highs (fun travel and new jobs!) and lows (a robbery...), but after navigating this past year (and the 4 before that) together I can safely say that we've come out stronger and can weather anything together.

The year leading up to our wedding was so busy, expensive, and stressful that it's made the past year of just relaxing and spending time with you even more enjoyable.  I know I sometimes complain about not having a "project" to focus my energy on, but when I think back to how many times we were at our breaking points while planning our wedding I feel satisfied to just live in the moment for a while.  With you, of course.

Most of all though, thank you for being you-- a great compliment to me when I am being me.  You are calm when I am overreacting.  You are goofy when I desperately need a laugh.  You are a quiet listener and shoulder to cry on when I am frustrated or sad.  And you are a willing partner for whatever adventure I have planned for us-- even when you don't really want to go along.

Being able to call myself your wife for the past 365 days has been such a gift.   I couldn't have asked for a better partner and I am so lucky to be married to my best friend.

With love always,



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