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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Start Spreading The News

Happy Thursday!  I'm happy to report that it's the end of the work week for Alex and me.  We're off to New York City tonight for a long weekend getaway.  We'll be visiting with friends and seeing the sights for the next couple of days and I will be sure to report back on our busy weekend.  It's Alex's first trip to NYC (yay!) so I'm excited to do some of the more touristy things with him that I don't often get to do when I'm there by myself spending time with my girlfriends.  The weather forecast isn't looking great, but I know we will still manage to have a great time.

We have a few things on our agenda: A trip to the Highline (I haven't seen it since the second part opened), a walking tour (requested by Alex and led by me-- yikes!) of the cool new downtown highrises, the standard sights like Central Park and the Guggenheim, and a sandwich at 'wichcraft because I have a big old foodie crush on Tom Colicchio.  Guilty!

Here are a few of my favorite NYC sightseeing memories from trips past:

Goofing off on the Highline
A Tour of Matt's favorite NYC spots

After post-college job interviews. Spoiler alert: I chose Boston!

What are your favorite things to do and see in NYC?  Any sights or restaurants (you know I love food) that we can't miss?  Suggestions are welcome!

Have a lovely weekend!

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