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Friday, August 3, 2012

Our Favorite Things: In Repair

It's been a few months since our apartment was robbed and I know I haven't really acknowledged the incident since that initial blog post when I told you all what happened.  Many of you shared so many kind words, similar experiences, and expressed your concern for us and I wanted to let you know how much it meant to us.  It's taken some time to start getting over things and to start feeling normal/safe in our home again, which is why we've kept quiet on the topic, but your kindness certainly didn't got unnoticed.

I have a new computer (obviously, given my posting activity over the past few months), new locks on the front door, a wide variety of costume earrings, and a brand spanking new subscription to LifeLock.  You might remember that losing the costume jewelry that once belonged to my late Oma was one of the worst results of the robbery.  I called every J. Crew in the city and was able to replace the bracelet that Alex gave me for Valentine's Day.

It proved to be a bit tougher to find like replacements for Oma's inlaid shell bracelets.  I did a lot of online searching (especially when it came time to file reports with the police and insurance), but to no avail.  Oma was quite the traveler, so for all I know these bracelets were purchased on the beaches of Bermuda or Bali in 1977.  Impossible to replace.  My wonderful Aunt Susan came to the rescue, however, and gave me this fabulous black and white checkered shell bracelet that she received from Oma's collection.  My mom followed suit with a bangle made from brown/neutral shells-- almost exactly like the one that I had and loved so much and lost!  I can't thank either of them enough for adding a little piece of my Oma back to my jewelry box.

I can't say that we have bounced back from this experience 100% yet.  And I don't know if we ever really will.  We did come out of it a little wiser, a little closer, and a little stronger though.  And we'll continue to work through it together.

I'm in repair.  I'm not together, but I'm getting there...

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