A Squared: Five Years of A Squared

Friday, June 22, 2012

Five Years of A Squared

The 22nd is a special date for the Mister and me.  Today (June 22nd) marks our 8th month of marriage and it is also the five year anniversary of our first date.  It's too bad that we got engaged on August 20th (only 2 days before!), otherwise that would have made a perfect trifecta of 22's.  But hey, he put a ring on it.  I'm not looking that gift horse in the mouth.

I can't believe that we have already spent five years together.  It certainly doesn't feel that long until I look back and think about everything that we have experienced together and then at how far we have come in those five years-- and then it feels like a lifetime already.

Team Rough Putters on the night of our first date: June 2007

When I met Alex I wasn't really looking for a relationship.  I had lived in Boston for 5 days, had been working at my first big girl job for 2 days, and was really just trying to survive.  So when we bumped into each other in the office kitchen on my second day of work and within a few minutes he had convinced me to join his team for that Friday's office mini-golf tournament (it was for real.  Be jealous) and to join a group of coworkers and him at lunch the next day I didn't think anything of his friendliness.  Little did I know that this group rarely got together for lunch, but that he arranged a group of people that he thought would make me comfortable. And little did I know that these advances were very out of character for my mostly quiet and reserved husband.  He was interested and he didn't play any games with me.  That kind of honesty and thoughtfulness can be very rare in a twentysomething guy and those are two of the qualities that I still love most about him.

Moving from Boston to Chicago: September 2008

We went out for drinks after Friday's mini-golf tournament.  And then we went out for dinner on Saturday night.  And then for lunch on Sunday.  By Monday, (after 1 whole week at my new office) we were a couple.  Fast forward to five years later and he's still my best friend, my biggest supporter, the love of my life.  And now he's my husband.

Our wedding day: October 2011

Thanks, Alex for five years of love and laughter.  Looking forward to seeing what the next five (and everything after that) have in store for us too.



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