A Squared: 2012 Resolution Check Up

Thursday, May 31, 2012

2012 Resolution Check Up

In a few hours June will be here... Can you believe we are basically halfway through 2012 already?  Time truly does fly-- when you're having fun and when you're just going through the ups and downs of real life.

Since I went ahead and threw our 2012 goals out into the universe it only made sense to do a little check up and see what our progress looks like approaching the halfway point, right?  This way you can hold us to our progress-- or laugh at our lack thereof.  I'm a little nervous, but here goes...

Back in Boston: The first New Year we rang in together. Welcome 2008!

Our Wishes & Goals For 2012:

1. Pay off our wedding-related debts. Happy to report that we have cut down our debt by more than 50% at this point in time.  Life events and the robbery set back our progress a bit, but I am considering it a big accomplishment nonetheless.  Here's to paying it off by the end of 2012 and never seeing the balance that high EVER again!

2. Save more money so that we can:
a. Buy a house. Still working on that... see above.
b. Get a dog. Ugh. This pains me.  Still saving for that too.  Although sadly, goal B will have to come after goal A.
c. Travel more. Domestically, of course. We need to be somewhat realistic with these goals. ;)  The first six months of the year were slow on the travel front.  I jetted off to New York and Orlando for work and we did take a weekend trip to Indiana to visit friends, but that sounds pretty lame!  Luckily, we have a packed summer full of weddings in New England, a roadtrip to Michigan, and (hopefully) Alex's first trip to NYC planned for the remainder of 2012.  That's not so bad, right?

3. Run another half marathon/possibly another marathon. (Alex)  Chicago weather is not very conducive to running in the first half of the year, but Super Hubby is signed up to run 2 half marathons in the coming months.  So proud of him!

4. Start running more. (Anne)  Ha.  That's funny.  Am I working out regularly?  Yes.  Am I running more?  That's debatable.

5. Spend more time with our friends (both far and near).  This goal needs some work still!  Granted, I did get to spend a lot of time with my girlfriends in New York in January and my good friend Liz has made a handful of appearances in Chicago in 2012, we need to step up our social game.  Coordinating grown up schedules is hard and it only seems to be getting more difficult!  I'm hoping summer will allow us some more opportunities for quality time with friends.  Definitely a goal for 2012: Part II.

6. Explore more Chicago neighborhoods.  We have certainly made some progress here.  Although we love our little pocket of the city, I am happy to say that we've dined in Bucktown and Wicker Park a handful of times this year (and will again tomorrow night!), we've explored a lot of Lincoln Park, and with those City Walks and our summer city plans I am sure that come year's end we will have covered some serious ground!

7. Work on becoming a licensed architect. (Alex)  You'll have to ask the Mister about this one, but I am pretty sure his answer will be similar to my response to #4 above.   

8. Read more books and watch less TV.  I have read 2.5 books this year.  This sounds SO pitiful, but compared to the 1 I read last year (and that was on my honeymoon in October) I am feeling pretty good about my renewed relationship with reading!  Since the beginning of the year I have read Water for Elephants, The Glass Castle, and am now reading Andy Cohen's memoir Most Talkative.  I used to be quite the reader before our wedding consumed my life... hoping 2012 will get me back in the habit.

9. Stress less and sleep more!  Also a work in progress.  We are definitely getting more sleep.  I am happy to report that waking up at 6 a.m. on Saturdays in a cold sweat about seating charts, floral arrangements, and makeup artists has subsided.  Still working on containing my stress level, but after a 2011 full of wedding planning drama life in 2012 is feeling very calm so far.

10. Keep on blogging.  Hey hey!  Safe to say this one is going pretty darn well.  40 posts in 2012 and counting... can't wait to share the rest of our year with you!

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