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Monday, January 2, 2012

Wishes For A New Year: The Top 10

Happy New Year, friends!  We hope you all had a fun and safe night celebrating with your loved ones.  We had a great time entertaining a few friends at our place before heading out to a bar in the West Loop to ring in the New Year. 

Ringing in the New Year with good friends

Happy New Year from the Colvins!

A few years ago when life had thrown us a few curve balls, Alex and I decided to make a list of all of our goals and wishes going into the New Year.  I prefer to not look at them as "resolutions" (as we all know how those usually turn out), but rather as moving targets.  Sometimes we hit them (goal for 2010: Put a ring on it.  Success!) and sometimes it's a miss (goal for 2011: lose 10 pounds.  Fail.), but either way it is something to work toward.  So that we weren't too hard on ourselves when they didn't happen, we also made a list of things that went right the year before.  We usually post these lists on our fridge so that we can keep them top of mind.  This year we'll post them on the blog to really throw them out into the universe and hope that they come true!

Things That Went Right In 2011:
1. We got married!  Duh.
2. We took our first real vacation together-- to Maui!
3. We were both employed for 12 consecutive months. 
4. Alex got a new full-time job (plus benefits, minus self-employed status).
5. Alex earned his LEED accreditation.
6. Anne celebrated her one year anniversary at her job.  A career record for her!
7. We moved into a new (and cheaper) apartment.
8. We celebrated 4 years together in June.
9. Anne ended her second year as Co-Director of Fundraising for Minds Matter of Chicago.
10. We started this blog!

Our Wishes & Goals For 2012:
1. Pay off our wedding-related debts.  Yikes.
2. Save more money so that we can:
     a. Buy a house.
     b. Get a dog.
     c. Travel more. Domestically, of course.  We need to be somewhat realistic with these goals. ;)
3. Run another half marathon/possibly another marathon. (Alex)
4. Start running more. (Anne)
5. Spend more time with our friends (both far and near).
6. Explore more Chicago neighborhoods.
7. Work on becoming a licensed architect. (Alex)
8. Read more books and watch less TV.
9. Stress less and sleep more!
10. Keep on blogging.

Cheers to a wonderful 2012 ahead!

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