A Squared: Our Favorite Things: Custom Alexander & Co. Poster

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Favorite Things: Custom Alexander & Co. Poster

Alex and I have lived in our loft for about 5 months now and because of all of the wedding craziness that we were handling for the first couple of months that we lived here, it still feels like a bit of a work in progress.  Since we don't own it, it will probably always feel that way but it has definitely taken us some time to settle in-- there are still a few boxes and bags of random items hanging around that we still haven't had the energy to sort through.  All in good time though.

One thing that was new for both of us in this place is that we now have a fireplace!  It's cozy and really makes the loft feel more like a home than a cookie cutter apartment, but it did cause a bit of a decorating dilemma.  We have super high ceilings and a mantle so I felt like we really needed a statement piece to hang there.  Even though I knew we'd have some really lovely wedding photos I could not bear the idea of a 24" x 36" poster of us staring back at me every time I sit on my couch, so I was on the hunt for something to hang there as soon as we signed the lease.

It didn't take very long to find the perfect piece.  I was shopping for wedding items one afternoon with my MOH Alexis at Smitten, a great little wedding boutique in Chicago's West Loop when we came across the customized Alexander & Company posters that they sell there.  Alex and I love vintage Chicago posters and we even have a few waiting to be framed and hung up in our bedroom so when we spotted these I knew it would be the perfect addition to our new home.  The posters are definitely an investment, so we decided to buy one as a wedding gift to each other.  We finally received it a few weeks after our wedding and then got it framed in a beautiful walnut frame at the end of the year and it has finally graced our mantle.  The poster is really our style-- a little modern, but a little vintage and definitely fitting for two architects-- and it finally feels like our living room is coming together... what do you think?

Apologies for this crappy photo... I took a million but can't get the lighting quite right.


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