A Squared: A New Addition: Welcome, Maeve!

Monday, December 5, 2011

A New Addition: Welcome, Maeve!

Well, it has been a while since our last post, but I assure you it was for good reason-- we have a niece!  On November 28 my brother Tim and his wife Danielle welcomed Maeve Riley into the world and, needless to say, the entire family has fallen in love.  She has a cute little furrowed brow (a signature McGee trait) and a head full of dark hair (definitely not a McGee trait) and at only a few days old she could already sleep through the chaos of our crazy family gatherings-- she's perfect!

Aunt Anne and baby Maeve.  Check out that hair!
Last weekend my parents gave us an early Christmas present and flew Auntie Anne and Uncle Alex out to the east coast to meet baby Meave.  While we were there we were fortunate enough to spend an evening with my brother and his wife as well. Tim is currently deployed in Afghanistan but was able to make a short R&R trip home for the birth of his baby.  We were hoping to have the whole weekend to spend with Tim and his family, but he did have to travel back overseas on Saturday.  Regardless, it was great to at least spend one evening with him since we haven't seen him since last Christmas.  It was great to see how comfortable Tim and Danielle already are with the baby-- and even their little dogs seemed to be very protective of her, which is super sweet.  We can't wait until he is home for good!

And before you even ask: no, meeting baby Maeve does not make us any more ready to have our own baby anytime soon. But, it has made us very excited to spoil our new niece!  :)

The largest and most ridiculous McGee family photo to date.
We had a great time visiting with the family.  Starting right from our Friday night faux Christmas, it was a busy weekend complete with a crazy McGee cocktail party, a [chilly] trip to the beach, and brunch at our favorite spot in Newport.

Tucker and Sully taking a very chilly swim at Rome Point

Cocktailing McGee style


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  2. Maeve has come to represent joy and cohesion in our family. Her presence has caused us all to engage in an energetic interchange of warmth and delight, equivalent to a tiger exchange of devotion and love. Maeve is our family's missing puzzles piece, completing the image.


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