A Squared: A Welcome From Mr. & Mrs. Colvin

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Welcome From Mr. & Mrs. Colvin

I'd like to begin this first post with a confession: I am not a blogging virgin.  This is actually my third attempt at starting a blog.  For someone that is usually very good with following through and finishing what I started, I have to admit that I'm a quitter when it comes to my commitment to blogging.  However, with a new phase in my life just beginning comes a ton of new inspiration and (hopefully) a slew of new adventures with my new husband to share with you... Maybe I just hadn't found my niche in the blogging arena yet, but I'm thinking that the third time is the charm here.

Today marks the one month anniversary of our beautiful Chicago wedding and we're back home and settled in after a fantastic Hawaiian honeymoon.  So, it seemed like an appropriate time to begin this blog-- at the beginning of our married life.  For those of you that already know us, you know that the first 4 years of our relationship were filled with many adventures and misadventures: from cross country moves to lost jobs to health scares to marathons and finally an engagement and a wedding. We've been through a lot.  Together.  Stay tuned because we're looking forward to sharing the rest of it with you!


  1. Virkgarn 12 3
    är perfekt för detaljerade mönster. Jag älskar att använda det till mina virkprojekt.

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